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Member Discounts

PAHCOM Corporate Members enjoy significant discounts off of everything from Sponsorships to Advertisements.  

VIP Members (Premier & Elite) enjoy free full page ads in The PAHCOM Journal  as well as an email list rental!

Draw more traffic to your brand via discounts on your products and services for other members.

Journal Articles

The PAHCOM Journal is published every other month (6x/year) and is delivered to all members in hardcopy print as well as several digital formats including mobile app for phone/tablet.  

PAHCOM Corporate Members are given first priority for article space and are highly encouraged to use this opportunity to establish your expertise and build credibility within the small practice management industry.  

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This is your podium to Medical Practices!  All links from your other campaigns on our site will direct visitors to this page.  From here we direct them to your home page by default but you may use this forum to promote PAHCOM specific campaigns, list specials, rate-sheets, video testimonials, etc.  There is no limit to content on this page and you can update it anytime.  All Corporate Members are listed in the Solutions Directory then linked to their Co-Branded Webpage.  

Logo Promotion

Corporate Member Logos are promoted in the Solutions Directory, Homepage when featured, Products & Services Guide annually, and in The PAHCOM Journal upon joining PAHCOM.  

Post your news in the PAHCOM newsfeed!  Once monthly you are encouraged to post your news and updates to the PAHCOM newsfeed.  News runs for 7 days consecutively from the post date. You determine title and first sentence then provide a URL for the main story.  This is perfect for announcing new promotions, sales, press releases, etc. 


Featured Corporate Member

A dedicated feature on the homepage and the corporate directory page.

Awarded based on the current appeal to the general membership. 

Corporate members who have launched recent PAHCOM specific campaigns or recently submitted quality articles for the Journal are given priority.

Apply to have your educational events approved for CEUs with PAHCOM.  Certified Medical Managers (CMM) need continuing education and this is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your expertise in the industry.

We waive the CEU application fee for corporate members offering free training webinars to PAHCOM members.  CEU approval includes event promotion in the Education Calendar.  

Email Promotions

When you offer free training to PAHCOM members, we email your program registration information directly to all medical office manager members inviting them to click and register at a URL you provide!

Webinars & Lead Generation

Browse PAHCOM membership via the Member Directory.  Use the directory to gather demographic data.  Maybe you're considering launching a campaign for Pediatrics practices and wonder how many PAHCOM might have.  Use the Member Directory to search for those details and collect the data you need.  We drill down by city, state, radius from a zip code, medical specialty, and more!

The PAHCOM Member Library is home to manuals, forms, policies, and other written resource tools provided at no fee to our membership.  Library resources are all free to members and contributed by members.

Corporate Members are encouraged to contribute checklists, policies, handbooks, or even simple infographics.  Your subject matter expertise is appreciated and your logo and company contact information is authorized on library materials.

MEMBER Addresses

Send direct postal mail to PAHCOM members.  Once per quarter, you are invited to create a mail piece announcing a special or new product/service, etc.  Identify yourself as a PAHCOM Corporate Member with the logo shown above so that members know who you are.  Mail designs must be submitted for approval prior to receiving the postal mail address list for that mailing.

Social Media

Corporate Members are encouraged to converse with us on Social Media to share your stories, build relationships, and establish your expertise!